Małgorzata Smieszek

Adam Kasperkiewicz

Jarosław Jan Hemmerling

The book is the first publication created by participants of the School of Documentary - a new educational platform of the Poznań foundation PIX.HOUSE. Together with the exhibition under the same title, first shown in the PIX.HOUSE gallery (February 2024), it constitutes a summary of several years of work by the students, who worked under my guidance on the realization of topics they chose themselves.

Its authors are mature people, with a lot of experience. In times of rampant commercialization, marginalization of the role of the press, and a vast amount of "pseudo-documentary" photos, there are few such intelligent, insightful and sincerely narrated stories. Their reception requires sensitivity and knowledge, and sets very high professional and ethical standards for photographers. The book and exhibition present testimonies that the most important thing in the work of a documentary photographer is openness to the world and the millennia-old human need to tell stories. They also prove that new models of publication like these are strengthening, filling the void left by print media, which previously was the primary platform for such stories.

I am convinced that these photographs will stay with us for a long time, creating a faithful chronicle of our restless time, capturing the constantly evolving nature of our world day by day.

Mariusz Forecki, February 2024

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Małgorzata Smieszek, Adam Kasperkiewicz, Jarosław Jan Hemmerling


Małgorzata Smieszek, Adam Kasperkiewicz, Jarosław Jan Hemmerling, Mariusz Forecki, Adrian Wykrota


Krzysiek Orłowski (Zinteka)


Małgorzata Starczewska (EN), Lidia Aksiuk (UA)


Magda Brzezińska (PL), Anna Aksiuk (UA)

The photographs were created as part of the PIX.HOUSE Foundation’s School of Documentary under the direction of Mariusz Forecki


PIX.HOUSE Foundation

Print run


ISBN: 978-83-968764-4-7

Poznań 2024